Spider the Fox updated and on Gamejolt!

Hey, all! I’ve got something for you!


It’s an update! This new release contains tons of improvements and bug fixes. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the game now has:

  • customizable quality settings!
  • dynamic keyboard/controller button prompts
  • tighter jumping
  • sharper movement
  • more (better balanced) sound effects
  • quite a few bug fixes and annoying exploits!

In addition to all of this (!!), I’ve made Spider available on Gamejolt, as well as itch.io. Part of this process was making the game work in the Unity webplayer! You don’t even have to download the files if you don’t want to! Wowzers!

I’m very proud of my game. It’s whimsical, it’s light-hearted, I think parts of it are rather funny, and I honestly believe that it’s a joy to play. I hope you feel the same.

If you’ve played it already, why not try it again? I think you’ll agree that it feels much better now.

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Yes, you have!