The Practice Room

The Practice Room

Released: June 2, 2015

Platform: Unity (Windows)

This is less a game and more an audio-visual toy. I made it for a contest hosted by RealSpace3D, an audio plugin (in beta as of June 2015) for Unity.

The purpose of the contest was to find a short experience that showcases the functionality of the plugin. The plugin itself expands upon Unity’s built-in audio, adding such features as ear directionality simulation, room size and wall reverberation, and quite a bit more.

I decided that an engaging way to showcase these features would be through music, so The Practice Room was born in about a week’s time.

The game itself puts you into a room with several clusters of magically hovering musical instruments that are playing Beethoven’s 5th. Each cluster, however, represents an orchestral section – strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion. The musical track of these particular instruments only is being played from that audio source.

Here’s where the 3d sound comes in. You can move around these instrument clusters into different arrangements, be they neatly aligned, scattered, or literally spinning in circles around the room. As they do so, you can hear (with each ear individually) the isolated tracks as their respective orchestral section floats by. You can also approach any of the sections and mute them, which allows you to even more effectively isolate individual tracks.

For your edification, the strings carry the main melody, while the woodwinds and brass weave interesting harmonies around it. I particularly like muting all but the brass.

So, if you have the desire and the necessary equipment (a Windows PC and stereo headphones), give it a try, and let me know what you think.





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