Space Foxes

Space Foxes

Released: May 1, 2014

Platform: Unity (webplayer)

“Lol, wat ? [sic] Hilarious game.” – nuuup

Spaces Foxes isn’t really the name of this game. The game’s name changes based on a decision you make at the very beginning – NSFW or SFW.

If you choose SFW, it’s called Fox Dance in Space. Otherwise, it’s Fox Sex in Space.

This was one of the very first games that I made in Unity, so it’s a little rough around the edges. At its heart, though, it’s similar to Asteroids, except you don’t shoot at anything. It’s a local 2-player game, and you’re trying to reach the other player to do … whatever it is that foxes do in space … but asteroids keep trying to keep the two of you apart.

The art was borrowed from the fabulous Megan Turner.

Give it a try. It’s colorful, it’s musical, it’s fun. It’s Fox Sex/Dance in Space!