Catty Shack

Catty Shack

Released: April 14, 2017

Platform: Unity (Windows, Mac, Linux)

“…An adorable way to kill 20 minutes.” – Mildred Rodriguez, GamerStyle (translated from Spanish)

“… it’s fun, and very playable.” – Steve B., All Night Burger

A “spiritual” successor to Spider the Fox, Catty Shack started as a birthday present for a friend, and it turned into a fun, short romp through a hand-drawn world. Taking the role of a not-very-spooky ghost that owns a cat shelter, the player must meeting the cats’ ridiculous demands to convince them to return home.

The ghostly character was drawn (haha) from an illustration project I started in the fall of 2016, wherein I illustrated a storybook in the style of Edward Gorey. You can see the ghost’s inception starting on my Instagram here.

For gamplay, my own game Spider the Fox influenced me quite a bit. For the visual style, though, I drew inspiration mainly from @Dom2D and Hollow Knight (an excellent developer and game, respectively, both of which you should check out).

Ready to give it a try? As always, let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

cats love you

sleepy cat in sunbeam
bridge cat