GameDev Resource Pick: Xelu’s UI Pack

PreviewAppealing-looking controller prompts add a lot to a game. They make you just WANT to press the buttons, you know?

A while back, I stumbled upon this UI asset pack by Xelu. Since then, I’ve basically sworn off using UI prompts that I’ve made – no more sloppy, almost-square W keys or not-quite-the-right-green XBOX controller A buttons for me, no sir!

This pack has got quite a bit of variety, too. I usually don’t stray far from the XBOX and keyboard/mouse sets in this collection, but if you’re supporting PS controllers or designing for WII U or A touchscreen, you’re covered as well.

And, to top it off, it’s free-to-use – however you like. You don’t even have to credit Xelu, but I feel a healthy amount of gratitude. And I think you might, too. Be aware, however, that the actual IMAGES of the controllers in the preview of the pack depict trademarks, so steer clear of using the full controller images – just the buttons!

Here are a few times I’ve used these prompts!