GameDev Resource Pick: Random Sprite Generators

Every now and then, I won’t be feeling very creative. Try as I might, any game development work I try to do gets nowhere.

By Tomatic Games

At times like this, I try to find some inspiration. Oftentimes, this means playing an hour or so of a great game (recently it’s been FRACT OSC). But sometimes, all it takes is seeing some art that gives me a new idea.

Now, coming up with a new idea isn’t always a good thing, especially if it means your other projects fall by the wayside. But if I see something that gives me a cool game idea, and I spend an hour or so prototyping it out, then I’m back in the groove. And then (hopefully!), I can get back to what I actually want to work on.

Some art that’s gotten me thinking lately are these two random sprite generators: this one by Boris van Schooten (of Tomatic Games) and this one by Carl Olsson (AKA Uninhabitant).

They’re both really fun for different reasons, but here’s a quick outline of the differences.

  • The sprite generator by Tomatic Games allows generation of tiles or 10×10 sprites (or 12×12, including black outline  ). These sprites also often include several frames of animation, which is super awesome.
  • The sprite generator by Uninhabitant is far more robust – you can control the size of the sprites generated, the grid size to generate them in, the color palette, and tons of randomization tweaks that I barely understand. You can really get them to look just the way you want. The downside, of course, is they don’t animate themselves.
    By Uninihabitant

Take a look at both of them, and just see if they don’t, for lack of a less-gross phrase, get your creative juices flowing. And, heck, you might even get a solid game idea out of one or both of them. Or perhaps a character design concept. Who knows?

Do you know of any other random image generators? I’d love to see them! Share the love! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!