“Spider the Fox” Trailer

indie game spider the fox level intro
I also kind copied Sonic the Hedgehog for my level titles!

I’ve spent the last month working on “Spider the Fox,” a colorful 3D platformer for the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest (you can vote for me here, if you want)!

It’s inspired by (but not really all that similar to) games like Spyro the Dragon, Zelda: Wind Waker, and Night in the Woods!
This was my most ambitious game yet, and it’s probably my longest; playtime runs about 60 minutes. I had tons of fun and learned a bunch of new skills. Here are just a few of the things I’ve been doing:

  • getting MagicaVoxel and Blender to play nicely together
  • making some fun chiptune music with BeepBox
  • finally figuring out what some of the settings do in BFXR
  • making and sharing a bunch of gifs with GifCam (and occasionally resizing with EZGif)
  • marveling at Megan Turner‘s awesome pixel art

But, one of the more exciting things is that I finally combined two of my different skillsets: game making and film editing! That’s right, I made my very first video game trailer! Check it out here: